Lenovo ThinkPad X280 Disassembly, Internal Picture and SSD, RAM Upgrade Options

The bottom cover of ThinkPad X280 adopts integrated magnesium-aluminum alloy, which greatly increases the firmness of the laptop. The process of disassembly is much simpler than other brand notebooks. Removing 5 screws is enough to allow users to clean dust or upgrade the SSD. At the same time, the 5 screws are directly fixed to the bottom cover, unscrewed the screw will not fall off.
ThinkPad X280

Now we have seen the internal structure of the X280, first of all, to talk about my first intuitive feeling, the whole interior is perfect, all the cables are put in the slots or other ways to hide, so you can not see the fly cable.
ThinkPad X280 internal picture

In addition, X280 used PCIe NVMe M.2 NGFF SSD, which canceled the mechanical hard disk, greatly increased the speed of the system. It supports up to 1TB M.2 SSD and takes account of speed and capacity.

The memory is soldering on the motherboard, and the memory frequency is increased to 2400MHz, and optional 16GB memory version. So, it means that the user is not able to upgrade the memory.

The battery may be the largest of the X280’s internal components, and it’s bigger than the previous generation’s X270’s built-in battery. Maybe someone will ask since the battery is bigger, the X280 should be heavier or thicker? I can only say that it is good to ask! Although the X280’s built-in battery has become larger, the X270’s external battery has been eliminated, further reducing the impact of the battery on the thickness and weight of the notebook. It is lighter and thinner. Speaking of here, some people may ask, since the cancellation of the external battery, the X280’s battery life must be shorter, right? On the contrary! From the disassembled battery, we can see that the battery capacity is 48Wh. Compared with the X270, the battery capacity has not been discounted even more.

ThinkPad X280 motherboard
When the motherboard was removed, the results were the same as I had expected. The motherboards used solid materials. As a whole, the chips had a tight structure, and the degree of integration was greatly increased. Most areas of the surface are covered with black Mylar. It can effectively insulate and prevent static electricity, and at the same time the upper right ports were fixed by the metal plate, it can be prevented loose connections caused by frequent plugging and unplugging.

Heat sink and cooling fan
The X280 heat-dissipating system uses all-copper heat pipes, and the short-thick copper pipes also ensure the heat-conducting efficiency. The ThinkPad proudly double-curvature fans (official has always been so publicized) can quickly transfer heat out of the notebook body. And it greatly reduced the noise of the fans.