What are the common parts of the laptop

As we all know, laptops and desktop computers are very different. Laptops should be more sophisticated and compact. Therefore, most laptop parts are not universal, and some parts require a laptop company’s own specially designed and manufactured parts. And these parts are not universal between different brands of laptops. Due to the laptop’s lightness and portability, laptops are highly dependent on parts.

The laptop parts include the touchpad, laptop stand, monitor stand, external power adapter, display, external optical drive, protective case, etc. Of course, there are many laptop auxiliary parts, including mouse, cooling pad, turbo radiator or cooling base, screen protection film, headphones, cleaning kits, laptop bags and so on.

The first thing to say is the laptop bag. Because laptops often need to go out and carry, the choice of laptop bags can be roughly divided into two types. One is the liner bag that is put into the bag, and the smaller size laptop is recommended to select this type of product. Liner bag will use a soft material to protect the laptop shell will not wear and bump in the bag, when choosing this kind of liner, you should pay attention to the notebook as far as possible.

Another traditional notebook, in addition to the built-in storage of the notebook, can also put the power and mouse and other accessories into it, which is more practical than the inner package, and only this kind of traditional notebook bag can be qualified for the large volume game notebook.

In addition to the common laptop bags, laptop keyboard protector and screen film, you should pay attention to your digital products and their collocation when purchasing such protective products. But I think, the notebook screen is different from the mobile phone products, will not be easily scratched, the use of the screen film is not obvious, will also reduce the screen brightness and impact experience.

As the laptop become thin and light, some oversized or less commonly ports do not appear on such products. To achieve the functions of these ports, you need to achieve through the parts. For example, the RJ-45 port can be replaced by a USB network card.

For users who require a VGA video output port, they need to select the port according to the laptop’s own port, such as HDMI to VGA and MINI DP to VGA. If it is a product with fewer USB ports, it is recommended to purchase a USB hub to increase the scalability. USB 3.0 port is recommended. Do not consider products that are too cheap and avoid the possibility of running multiple devices at the same time due to the insufficient power supply.

In addition to the above-mentioned port conversion parts, some laptops also have a port to connect the docking station. Through this port, laptops can have higher scalability, which is more common in high-end business series laptops.

The heat sink or radiator is also an indispensable part of the powerful game laptop, especially for users who need to play the game for a long time, ensuring that the hardware is at good working temperature for performance. The selection of radiator or cooling base should pay attention to the layout of the heat sink.

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